Whatever 39ers need, our Crew is there to support them — every step of the way. As the backbone of AVON 39, our Crew members perform a range of important tasks essential to the success of AVON 39. From marking the route to picking up litter, from setting up rest stops to treating blisters — and everything else in between — Crew does it all.

While Crew members are not required to fundraise to participate in AVON 39, we strongly encourage it! Check out our Crew Rewards!

Crew Team Descriptions

When choosing a Crew team preference, please keep in mind the physical requirements of that job. Crew members work many long hours on their feet, and many jobs require lifting. All positions listed below are for the entire weekend.

Advance Teams

These teams commit to three days. They move ahead of the Event on Friday, setting up the elements necessary for the next day's activities.

Route Marking

This team works to mark the physical route so that Walkers know where to go! There are three components to this team's role- marking the next day's Route with signage (attention to detail is critical since the Walkers will rely upon the Route Marking to find their way along each day's route!); circulating along the route each day as a "fix-it" team, addressing problem areas where signage might be insufficient or need replacement; and following behind the last Walker to pick up all Route Marking signage, so that it can be redistributed to continue marking the following day's route. Should be able to lift 30 lbs.


This team works closely with Staff members to set up Basecamp 39 one day in advance of the Walkers' arrival. Sets up sleeping tent 'grid', dining area and service tents, and a variety of other jobs to help ensure that Basecamp 39 is properly prepared. Should be able to lift 50+ lbs.

Basecamp 39 Teams
Food Service

This team works closely with the catering vendor, serving breakfast and dinner to event participants. No cooking or food prep required. Should be able to lift 20 lbs.

Gear and Tent

This team manages the collection and distribution of all participant gear and tents throughout the event. Team will load all gear into trucks Saturday morning, then off-load gear in the assigned area of Basecamp 39. Assists participants in locating their personal gear and setting up sleeping tents. Approximately half of the Gear and Tent team members must be able to drive a 24' truck. Should be able to lift 60+ lbs.


This team is responsible for greeting and counting all Walkers as they arrive in Basecamp 39 on Saturday. Will work closely with Dispatch, reporting total numbers on each day. This team will also cheer and welcome Walkers in from the route.

Information Services

Information Services is the place participants go for any details regarding Basecamp 39 layout, route questions, shuttle information, etc. This team manages lost and found on Saturday, is responsible for organizing the Crew lunches on Saturday and Sunday morning, and manages the Relaxation Zone tent at Basecamp 39. Should be able to lift 20 lbs. this team has one of the earliest call times on Saturday morning and is one of the last teams off duty on Saturday evening.

Pack Up

This team manages the clean-up of Opening Ceremony as well as Basecamp 39 each day, including the monitoring of trash throughout Basecamp 39. Each morning, as Crew Teams depart, this team ensures that all elements of Basecamp 39 are completely cleaned up, and that the site is as clean as or cleaner than when the Event arrived on site.

Security and Traffic

This team handles security, focusing on the perimeter areas of Basecamp 39, as well as securing the sleeping and service tent areas each night. Works closely with overnight Dispatch Staff and any hired or on-site security that might be available. This team checks all visitors in and out of Basecamp 39. Responsible for managing vehicular and 39. Checks in all vehicles, allowing only those that are permitted to be on-site with the event. Enforces parking plans established by the Staff. Should be able to lift 10-25 lbs.

Basecamp 39 Signage, Water and Ice

This team manages placement of all signage in accordance with site map and instructions provided by Staff. Will oversee signage in Basecamp 39 throughout camp hours, to ensure that signage is where it should be and provides proper directional instruction. Works with Dispatch Staff and Crew Team Leaders to ensure that all areas in Basecamp 39 have sufficient quantities of water and ice. Should be able to lift 50+ lbs.

Specialty Teams

In addition to the duties listed below, these teams are responsible for setting up and breaking down the supplies and cots within the Medical and Specialty services tents at Basecamp 39.

This team provides chiropractic, podiatry and physical therapy services as needed to participants during the event. Must provide license. Students will be permitted only under approval of Team Leader and Medical Team Sponsor (where applicable). Required to supply own treatment table if needed.


This team provides essential massage services to participants during the Event. Ideally, massage therapists will be experienced in sports massage. Massage therapists required to supply massage table. Must provide license/certification.

Route Medical and Basecamp 39

Comprised of a variety of medical and health professionals, including nurses, physicians, EMTs, paramedics and athletic trainers, this team provides First Aid Medical support at each of the Rest Stops and possibly along the route. Will manage any emergency situations that arise until local emergency medical services arrive on the scene. Must provide license/certification.

Operations Teams

Small teams between one and six people generally assigned to work in roles assisting Staff, including the following:

Bus Liasons

This is a small team of people each assigned to ride one of the SAG (sweep and gather) buses. These buses transport Walkers from Rest Stops to Basecamp 39 once Walkers have determined that they cannot complete the day's route. Often, this team provides necessary moral support for Walkers who might be disheartened by their inability to complete the route.

Caboose Assistant

This Crew member rides bicycle along route, following last Walker(s) each day and offering assistance where needed. Will work in conjunction with Caboose Staff Member, who is also on bike. Required to bring own bicycle and helmet.

Medical Taxi

This team works primarily with the Incident Response and Medical teams, providing non-emergency transportation to and from area hospitals. May be asked to transport participant gear to hospital in cases where participant might need to leave event. May be called upon by Dispatch to run other necessary errands. Should have personal vehicle (to be used as Taxi) and valid insurance. Should be able to lift 20 lbs.

Rest Stop Closure Assistants

These Crew members drive Rest Stop Closure Staff along route to assigned closure locations. Work with Rest Stop Crew teams to close Rest Stops according to schedule. Should have personal vehicle (to be used as Rest Stop Closure vehicle) and valid insurance. Should be able to lift 30 lbs.

Route Teams
Motorcycle Safety

This team works with Road Dispatch Staff and local law enforcement to guarantee safe passage for Walkers during each day's route. Assist at difficult intersections and other locations as requested. Team members must provide own motorcycle and helmet, as well as valid motorcycle license and insurance.

Water Stops

Each Water Stop will be assigned a team of Crew members to manage set-up, water and Gatorade distribution, and traffic control at each location. These teams are often the first to leave in the morning - between 3:45am and 4:45am - and the last to return to Basecamp 39 at night. Should be able to lift 40+ lbs.

Rest Stops

Each Rest Stop will be assigned a team of Crew members to manage set-up, food, water, and Gatorade distribution, and traffic control at each location. These teams are the first to leave in the morning - between 3:45am and 4:45am - and often the last to return to Basecamp 39 at night. There is also a separate Lunch Stop where Walkers will be served lunch each day. Should be able to lift 40+ lbs.

Route Clean-Up

This team is responsible for the pick-up of bagged trash from each Rest Stop and Water Stop and transport of waste to dumpsters at Basecamp 39 or Upload Lot. Should be able to lift 60+ lbs. and able to drive a 15’ truck.

Route Water and Ice

This team assists in the distribution and replenishment of water and ice needed for each of the Water Stops and Rest Stops. Will also assist with pick-up of leftover water at the close of each stop, as needed. Team works closely with Road Dispatch Staff to be certain that all Stops have sufficient hydration supplies each day. Should be able to lift 60+ lbs. and able to drive a 15’ truck.


This team circulates throughout the route in 12-person passenger vans, providing transportation to Rest Stops for Walkers who may not be able to complete the day's route. This team leaves early in the morning and arrives late into Basecamp 39 after all Walkers have completed the route. Should be able to lift 30 lbs.

Trail Sweep

The primary responsibility of the Trail Sweep team is to monitor areas of the route that are not accessible to vehicles. Trail Sweep members will be stopping and waiting with Walkers, riding ahead or backtracking all while communicating with Staff about the state of the route. This can be a very physically challenging team, and requires long hours riding through different parts of the route. Trail Sweep members are required to provide their own bicycle and helmet to use throughout the Event weekend.

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Fundraising Rewards

While Crew members are not required to fundraise to participate in AVON 39, we strongly encourage it! All Crew members are eligible for all Fundraising Rewards (full list of rewards here ). As an added incentive, we have two special Crew Rewards.

Crew Hat: Raise $500
Water bottle: Raise $650

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AVON 39 Youth Crew

The AVON 39 Youth Crew started as a way to involve young people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. Each Walk city has a group of 10-16 year olds who apply, write essays, and interview for positions on our Youth Crew every year. Once accepted, Youth Crew members have a mandatory fundraising minimum of $500 which they often exceed with their hard work throughout the season! Teams sometimes have the opportunity to meet in advance, then come together for a great weekend starting the morning of Check-In Friday. Youth Crew members work throughout Walk Weekend helping Crews set up, cheering on Walkers, sharing their stories — as a shining example of our amazing AVON 39 community!

Read more about Youth Crew

All current Walkers and Crew members will be notified when Youth Crew applications are available. If you would like more information or notification, please email katie@avon39.org.

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