For 13 years, people have been coming together to walk 39 miles for one reason: to stop breast cancer. Now's the time for you to step up and make it happen. Your personal AVON 39 success is a chance to save lives and change history.

2 Days  
39.3 Miles.  
You've got this.

Day 1

Getting Started

Power Up

You’ll walk up to 26.2 miles on Day 1 and up to 13.1 miles on Day 2. The distance you walk is totally up to you. It's your challenge to set. And to meet.

Be Supported

Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness but strength. You have strength. We have food, drinks, first aid and port-o-potties along the route. We're there to ensure that you have what you need to power on and power through.

Rest & Recharge

Sleep is key for optimal performance in any athletic feat. At the end of Day 1, you'll arrive at Basecamp 39, where you can take a hot shower, grab some dinner, bond with other 39ers and bunk in an AVON 39 tent (equipped for two people).

Day 2

Finishing Strong

Almost There

After a good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up to a rousing group cheer and fuel up on a hearty breakfast. Then you’ll be off for the final leg of your AVON 39.

You Crushed It

You did it. You walked, raised money and saved lives. Now it’s time to celebrate. At the Closing Ceremony, you’ll come together one last time with other 39ers. You’ll see how the money you raised is going to work right away helping breast cancer patients across the country.

Prepare for Your 39

Walking 2 days and 39 miles is hard. But it pales in comparison to chemo and radiation. Your blisters and sore muscles are a badge of courage. A reminder that you're doing something heroic. Finding the training and fundraising tools you need to make your mark and reach your goals.

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