Your 39 Saves Lives

Stepping up to walk 39 miles over 2 days takes character. You have to believe in yourself. Commit to your goal of doing something bigger than you ever have. And never look back. Once you set your mind to it, anything is possible. There’s no more room for doubt, fear or excuses. You’ve got this. Time to show the world what a Hero you really are.

Get Prepared. Start Early!


Tackle Your Training

No matter your fitness level, you can do this. The AVON 39 GO THE DISTANCE Training Plans by Reebok gives you what you need to build muscles and stamina so you can earn your 39.

  • Multiple fitness plans for all levels
  • Pedometer app keeps you pumped (and on track)
  • Tips, tricks, and help when you need it

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Face Your Fundraising

It’s not just about challenging yourself to walk 39.3 miles over 2 days. It’s about pushing yourself to raise funds for breast cancer patients in need.

  • Fundraising app keeps you on schedule
  • Automatic posts make asking easy
  • Email badges give you cred
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