Avon 39

New York

Oct 14-15, 2017

2 Days, 39.3 Miles

39ers banding together in New York have one goal: to take breast cancer down. AVON 39 is a force of change that can’t be stopped, and you’re part of it.

Your Road to Avon 39

You’ve never seen New York City like this before. Through Manhattan and back again, you’ll conquer the Upper West and East Sides, Greenwich Village, SoHo, and Chinatown with views of Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Radio City Music Hall. You’ll even cross the legendary Brooklyn Bridge on your way to the finish line.

Press Release

Actual route will be revealed on the day of the event.

AVON 39 Local and National Programs

By stepping up to the AVON 39 challenge, you're helping breast cancer patients in your community and across the nation. Net funds raised will directly benefit the New York area and help make sure that care programs nationwide, as well as national research programs, have the resources to make the most progress possible to help obliterate breast cancer.

2016 Beneficiaries Included

  • CancerCare
  • Avon Foundation Breast Health Outreach Coordinating Center
  • New York University School of Medicine
  • God's Love We Deliver
  • Metropolitan Hospital Center
  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute
  • The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center of Columbia University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital

Get Prepared



This is your moment to crush it. You’ve got the power.  Now all it takes is guts.


Get Ready

We'll help you take on your training and fundraising challenges. Our awesome staff will make sure you get to that finish line and become the Hero you know you want to be.



Walking 39 miles is tough. But you’re tougher. No matter how many miles you walk, you’re taking one giant step to end breast cancer.


AVON 39 New York Resources

New York 39ers



Top Fundraisers: AVON 39 New York 2017

Top Walkers


  1. Michele Baialardo - $19,510.00
  2. Shawn Collins - $8,848.80
  3. Sandra Gill - $7,800.00
  4. Karen Bdera - $5,256.63
  5. Dawn Fortis - $5,025.00
  6. Catherine Tantillo - $4,915.73
  7. Andrea Brantner - $4,749.00
  8. Katie Dunn - $4,675.00
  9. Marcia Maizel-Clarke - $4,139.00
  10. Julie Schaal - $3,600.00

Top Teams

  1 -  Solo Strutters USA $64,523.54
  2 -  FAMILY AFFAIR $19,510.00
  3 -  Angels For Warriors $17,508.90
  4 -  Gulabis $15,667.00
  5 -  team dogeared $13,074.00
  6 -  Danbury Ds $10,282.05
  7 -  Affiliate Marketers Give Back $8,848.80
  8 -  Walking In The Arms of an Angel $8,021.00
  9 -  Buel Fuel for Hope $7,500.95
  10 -  Strength and Heart $7,495.00

*Solo Strutters USA is part of our National Team Solo Strutters a group that welcomes individuals walking alone and provides training and event weekend support.

Top Crew


  1. Jody Heilbronner - $1,250.00
  2. Angela Garofalo - $1,015.00
  3. Lisa Troy - $791.00
  4. Abbie Slaman - $225.00
  5. Adam Mccormack - $175.00
  6. Debbie Knoch - $50.00
  7. Jennifer Hilliard - $50.00
  8. Anne Heller - $50.00
  9. Geraldine Rotondi - $25.00


Conquer that voice inside that says you can’t. Kick fear and doubt to the curb. Let’s go.

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