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The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade seeks to improve breast cancer outcomes and reduce disparities in survival rates at the community and national level. Our strategic grant making reflects: a holistic and place-based approach in high-need areas throughout the United States; a commitment to enabling access to medical advances and support services for breast cancer patients, particularly those from vulnerable populations; and a commitment to investing in research on the prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of breast cancer.

The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade focuses on care and seeks to help across the continuum of breast cancer – not only helping those who are at risk or diagnosed with the disease today, but also research into finding better treatments for tomorrow.


New York 2016 Beneficiaries

  • Metropolitan Hospital Center received a grant of $100,000 to support their breast cancer program, MAS, which supports individualized, culturally sensitive patient advocacy and navigation for women living in East Harlem.
  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center received a grant of $100,000 to introduce a surgical navigator to support patients with abnormal mammographies through the process of diagnostics, surgery and beyond.
  • God’s Love We Deliver received a grant of $150,000 to serve more than 75,000 nutritionally rich meals to women with breast cancer, along with their children and senior caregivers, and provide targeted outreach and ongoing nutrition counseling for women and families in at-risk communities.
  • New York University School of Medicine received a grant of $200,000 to continue their breast cancer navigation and research program, ensuring that more than 100 newly diagnosed women are linked to personalized care, including clinical trials. The grant will also ensure that more than 1,000 current breast cancer patients are led through treatment to survivorship.
  • Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute received a grant of $300,000 to continue to examine how a patient’s immune system can be a powerful tool for fighting metastatic breast cancer. By studying how proteins extracted from tumor cells can lead to an immune response, they hope to help the patient’s immune system recognize and attack the cancer.
  • Cancer Care received a research grant of $600,000 to provide more than 2,800 patients with financial assistance grants to offset the costs of childcare, transportation to and from oncology appointments and other practical support needed during treatment.
  • The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center of Columbia University Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, home of the Avon Center of Excellence, received a grant of $750,000 to support the Avon Breast Imaging Center’s patient navigation program. The program offers bi-lingual, culturally sensitive services to patients. Additionally, the funds will support four research projects that seek to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and improve patient outcomes, particularly among minority and underserved women.
  • Avon Breast Health Outreach Coordinating Center received a grant of $2,750,000 on behalf of Avon’s 2017 Breast Health Outreach Programs. With this grant, approximately 50 grassroots organizations across the country will help women living in medically underserved communities learn about access screening, preventative care and, if needed, follow-up diagnostics and treatment.


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